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Where to Buy Smoke Supplies Online

Posted under Smoking Fetish by cwsadmin on Friday 2 May 2014 at 9:24 pm

On the other side of Chicks Who Smoke are the online smoke shops and e-cigarette sellers who provide all of the luscious tobacco and other fine products which sexy chicks who smoke love. We bet you didn’t know that these internet smoke shops and e-cig sellers must carry high risk merchant accounts to process online credit card transactions for their products. This is why Paypal won’t accept payments for ecigs, etc. Businesses that tend to have a higher incidence of credit card issues and chargebacks than typical online vendors are considered high risk. This is a very unfortunate and detrimental situation, but it’s a reality that must be faced by these types of businesses. Paypal doesn’t want to have anything to do with high risk transactions. However, high risk merchant accounts are available. And a savvy online merchant solution firm like PSBill can steer their clients to maintain a healthy ratio of solid transactions to negative transactions that are occasionally bound to transpire. Many chicks who smoke are frustrated they can’t use Paypal to pay for purchases at online tobacconists, smoke shops, cigar and shisha sellers, electronic cigarette and nicotine cartridge stores. But Paypal is not going to change their restrictive policy. Chicks don’t want to be denied what they crave! And online smoke shops tend to offer better prices and a wider variety of supplies (especially e-cig flavors) than retail stores. So, remember to patronize your local smoke shop. Online!

Smoking Celebs: Jessica Alba

Posted under Smoking Fetish by cwsadmin on Friday 20 September 2013 at 12:20 am

CELEB SMOKERS: Jessica Alba holds a cell phone in one hand a cigarette in the other while out shopping with a friend in SohoThere are many celebrities out there who smoke. Some of them care more than others when it comes to being seen smoking in public or even in private, for that matter. Paparazzi incessantly stalk celebs for perceived-to-be private photos. However, it’s more likely that celebs such as Jessica Alba are photographed smoking a cigarette in a public place. Jessica seems to not care whether or not she’s seen smoking and doesn’t consider it to harm her reputation as a celebrity MILF. In fact, she seems to flaunt it in a very sexy way especially at the outdoor cafe in the photo below. You can find plenty of photos and videos of Jessica Alba smoking in public, too, if you do an online search.

Jessica Alba smokes1Other celebrities like Jennifer Aniston believe that their glorious reputation can be tarnished if they’re spotted taking impure things into their bodies, like having a cigarette. Jennifer Aniston endorses Vitamin Water for a hefty sum and was given shares in the company as part of her endorsement deal. So, it makes sense that she strives not to be doing anything that people would find unhealthy and that would be in conflict with her Vitamin Water image. In our opinion here at Chicks Who Smoke, it’s a chicken move, really. If you’re going to smoke, do it. There’s no need to hide and worry about being scorned or ridiculed. Your habits are your habits and you shouldn’t be worrying about other people’s opinions. Then again, aren’t people’s opinions the reason celebrities are famous in the first place? Whatever… Today we celebrate celeb smoking minx, Jessica Alba and her proud smoking habit.

Kirsten Dunst Smoking

Posted under Smoking Fetish by cwsadmin on Friday 19 July 2013 at 6:28 am

Seems as though more hot blonde celebs are are smoking and a lot of men find this to be very sexy indeed! One of the sexiest stars out there who likes to take a drag from a freshly lit cigarette or toke on some weed is Kirsten Dunst. She has gained a lot of popularity from her first role in Interview With a Vampire all the way up to her most recent role in On the Road. Even though she is a smoker in real life, she prefers to not smoke on camera, saying that it’s a bad influence to younger fans. But we did catch Kirsten Dunst smoking a pipe in her role as Marie Antoinette depicted below. However, Kirsten has reiterated that only smokes fake tobacco on camera. While she prefers to smoke “fakes” when a character she is portraying is a chick who smokes, that does not stop Kirsten Dunst from smoking it up when she is off camera.

Most men these days find that hot blondes who smoke are even more alluring than ones who do not smoke. A cigarette or pipe in a woman’s hand has begun to symbolize a certain air of mystery and sexuality which tends to drive men wild on every level. What is sexier than a beautiful woman taking a long drag from a tobacco or herbal product? Nothing! That is why men hunt pictures and videos online of Kirsten Dunst taking a puff or two just so they can relish in the fact that sexy blondes love to inhale the smoke from tobacco, dank or opium!

Bizarre Smoking Fetishes

Posted under Smoking Fetish by cwsadmin on Thursday 25 April 2013 at 5:15 am

Men definitely have a fetish for chicks who smoke, but there are more bizarre smoking fetishes that should be listed here for blog readers who may not be aware of the depth of humiliation or depravity that submissive men will go to in order to fulfill their fetishistic desires. Some submissive men crave Femdoms blowing smoke in their face, tipping ashes into their mouth (human ashtray fetish), making men suck the lipstick off of their cigarette butts, licking out their used ashtrays, being forced to smoke used cigarette butts or even being forced to eat discarded cigarette butts or drinking polluted bong water.

Bizarre Cigarette Fetish

Recently, another bizarre smoking fetish popped up in the news. A paparazzi at LAX picked up a still slightly smoldering Parliament half cigarette Lindsay Lohan had puffed and chucked. A freaky passerby paid $5 to be able to smoke it and also smoked up on video! Who would want to put anything in their mouth that had been in Lindsay Lohan’s mouth, but… yes, another bizarre smoking fetish is where Femdoms force slaves to smoke their cigarette butts. In this case, Lindsay Lohan had already scooted, but the smoker still felt compelled by his fetish and even paid to fulfill it.

Celebrities Who Smoke Marijuana

Posted under Smoking Fetish by cwsadmin on Thursday 3 January 2013 at 7:32 pm

You emailed us and we listened. We’ve received many emails over the past several months at Chicks Who Smoke asking us why we’ve only covered hot chicks who smoke cigarettes, hookah pipes and cigars. You asked us why we haven’t talked about chicks who smoke marijuana. Instead of making lame excuses which would only bore you, here’s a quick write-up about a hot celeb chick who smokes weed!

Kristen Stewart smoking marijuana

If you haven’t heard of this celebrity from the popular Twilight movie series, then you’re either a Luddite or an ostrich with your head in the sand. Kristen Stewart is a 23 year old California girl and actress who was born into a media-related family – her father works as a top producer for FOX. Recently, Kristen was spotted wearing a skimpy white bikini with a marijuana leaf on each of her breasts, obviously showing support for the herb. Smoking herb doesn’t seem to have hurt Kristen’s career one iota as she’s the “it” girl cast in major films and cutting edge indie flix, like the recent Kerouac adaptation “On the Road”.

Kristen Stewart marijuana bikini

As you can see in the urban photo with Kristen blazing from a pot pipe, she proudly smokes marijuana. Many stoners think she’s super hot for promoting weed and its use and a quick look around the internet can back that statement in a heartbeat. Kristen also smokes cigarettes, so she’s one of the celebrity Chicks who Smokes both tobacco and wacky tabacky.

Michelle Pfeiffer Smokes

Posted under Smoking Erotica by cwsadmin on Tuesday 16 October 2012 at 6:35 am

What could be sexier than a blonde smoking the most luxe and erotic cigarettes in the world? Sobranie cigarettes are the most luxurious and erotic of all cigarette brands worldwide. Sobranies are made in Russia and feature different luscious color choices including the black and gold which Michelle Pfeiffer smokes in scenes from “The Fabulous Baker Boys”. These sexy cigarettes employ a blend of various tobaccos including Virginia and Turkish. Sobranies are instantly recognizable by their style and color versus other cigarettes which are more uniform in appearance. Men lust for women who smoke sexy cigarettes in a seductive way. What’s surprising is that Sobranie cigarettes are not readily available in the USA; although, the American tobacco cartel might be part of the reason why the Russian cigarettes are not sold here in the States.

Sobranie cigarettes

One of my chicks who smoke girlfriends loves Sobranie cigarettes and wishes they were retailed, even if exclusively offered at tobacconists or cigar emporiums. “They really make a statement about you, a fashion statement, a luxury statement which other cigarettes don’t. Short of using an expensive cigarette holder, a Sobranie is the cigarette of the bourgeois, not the peasants. Everyone can smoke Marlboros, American Spirits or Newports. There should be a more expensive cigarette brand in the US even if you don’t smoke it all the time, you could smoke it at parties or casinos.” Watch the Michelle Pfeiffer Smokes video to see Michelle smoking erotic Sobranie cigarettes.

Scarlett Johansson Smoking

Posted under Smoking Erotica by cwsadmin on Thursday 6 September 2012 at 10:28 am

Not every chick who smokes can make smoking look sexy. And Scarlett Johansson just so happens to be one of them. Men these days are flocking to Youtube to find videos of Scarlett Johansson smoking and looking hot. One of the main reasons why her puffing fans love her so much is because she’s a real smoker. Not a smoker who only does it for movies or photo shoots. She doesn’t care who sees or smells her smoke. She has even upset her neighbors with all her smoking. They have repeatedly asked her to open windows to ventilate her apartment, so the smoke doesn’t get into their apartments in the same building. Yet she defended her sexy habit by telling one of her neighbors: “Don’t you read the newspaper? I’m going through a tough time.” Sassy aint she? Sassy and sexy to say the least.

Scarlett tried to quit smoking when she was married to Ryan Reynolds, who was anti-smoking. But since the divorce, she apparently has been smoking up a storm. Can you imagine her smoke-filled New York apartment? When Scarlett is in a public place that does not allow smoking, she will whip out an e-cigarette and puff religiously, giving into her habit and addiction. Now if you ask me, thats a real devotee to the legion of Chicks Who Smoke if I have ever seen one. At home though, it’s time to whip out the real tobacco and not vapor. Who can resist a sexy woman taking a long drag and slowly and seductively exhaling? Here’s a pic of Scarlett Johansson smoking and smoking hot!

ScarJo Smoking

Hot Hookah Bar Girls

Posted under Smoking Erotica by cwsadmin on Wednesday 11 July 2012 at 4:04 am

Let me tell you about these hot hookah bar girls I saw recently. A few weeks ago, some buddies of mine invited me to a hookah bar to try out a new blend of shisha they bought. I went since I was bored. I had only been to a hookah bar once before back in college and it was cool, but just not my go-to choice when I need to relax or hang out. When we arrived at the hookah bar, there was a group of really hot girls a couple tables away from us gossiping and taking hits off the hookah, giggling and coughing a little after, because it was obvious this was their first time using a hookah.

There must be some sort of allure to chicks who smoke, something naughty about going to a hookah bar and puffing on the hookah pipe. We looked over at them once when they got a little louder than normal and for some reason we found it super sexy that these hotties were filling their section with smoke and having a great time. I’m not sure why, but something really turned us on and we really wanted to go chat them up, but it seemed like it might be a chicks night out, so we stayed at our table. Sigh…we basically got stuck with each other while these hot babes at the hookah bar, a stone’s throw away, laughed, giggled and had fun puffing on the hookah together. Maybe it turned us on because they were considered ‘hookah virgins’ or something… we’ll never know.

Sorry for the poor quality pic for your blog, but I didn’t want to make it obvious that I took a pic of two of the girls. So I didn’t use my flash. I just made it look like I was texting, when really I snapped a camera phone pic of these hot hookah bar girls.

Hookah Bar Girls

…submitted by a Chicks Who Smoke blog reader from Washington DC

Smoking Hot Blonde

Posted under Smoking Erotica by cwsadmin on Sunday 13 May 2012 at 7:25 am

hot blonde smoking

I grabbed this picture of a smoking hot blonde. Don’t you love cell phone cameras? This girl totally knew I was taking her pic and you can tell she looked right at me as if to say, do you want this? Hell yeah! This blonde was toying with her cigarette in a pub the other day all by her lonesome. I’m married and couldn’t do much except stare and then share the pic with you and your blog readers. As you can see and agree, she’s a smoking hot blonde, and she’s ‘smoking’ in more than one way! I don’t know about any of you, but I love to see a sexy blonde babe puffing on a smoke regardless of where I am. I guess you could say that I have a sort of smoking fetish – I love seeing certain types of women smoking. I find it sexy when a girl wraps her soft, moist lips around a smoke and takes a long deep inhale and slow exhale. It makes me think about how good her lips would feel on different parts of my body. Often times, I get horny by the sight of a really hot blonde chick having a smoke and then my imagination starts turning its wheels and I begin to think about all of the naughty things I’d love to do to that girl. For some reason, I enjoy the sight of hotties like the smoking hot blonde in the picture I took inhaling and exhaling puffs of smoke. Hopefully you like this photo and it gets your imagination running like it does mine.

…submitted by a Chicks Who Smoke blog reader from the UK

Electronic Cigarettes Sexy ?

Posted under Smoking Erotica by cwsadmin on Sunday 25 September 2011 at 11:20 pm

The question is: Are electronic cigarettes sexy ? I think the answer is yes! More and more, I see hot chicks lighting up electronic cigarettes in clubs, restaurants, bars, movie theaters, malls, etc. Seeing women smoking in public is a turn-on, especially in places where traditional tobacco smokes are outlawed. It’s sexy to see women posing with electronic cigarettes, especially the glowing e-cigarettes, inhaling and exhaling, even if the “smoke” from electronic cigarettes is just flavored vapor. How else would women be able to smoke in banned places unless they were going smokeless?

I’ve tried electronic cigarettes, they’re fun, totally trendy and starter kits are readily available online and at most places that sell smokes now, from 7-11’s to bodegas, etc. For women who have quit smoking tobacco, it’s a way for them to satisfy their oral craving for smoking and for them to continue to look sensual and sexy with a cigarette in hand, even if it’s an electronic cigarette. Electronic cigarettes can also be used as a fashion accessory since different styles and colors are available. I fully expect to see celebrity hotties doing endorsements of electronic cigarettes and to see these smokeless cigarettes taking off even more than they already have. While the elaborate sexy, smoky inhales and exhales can’t be done with smokeless cigarettes, well, they can’t be done yet, perhaps engineers are looking at ways to make the vapor more “noticeably” sexier!

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